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tv   Good Day 8am  FOX  February 22, 2016 8:00am-9:00am EST

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. jeff gordon and darrell walters were just yelling, screaming. >> i love it. so much fun the watch. deny hamlin winning the closest daytona 500 in history and only david martin is talking exclusively this morning with the big, big winner. >> for a long time, i didn't know who won. and then you see that group celebrating. >> it's funny because they
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unofficial on the top because they have to go back and make sure. >> great weather. >> yeah, it was perfect. couldn't have asked for better weather. it's a felony if you don't go out and enjoy that kind of weather. let's talk about your forecast update. again, looking pretty good early this morning. we've had our moments of cloud cover and of course the temperatures are pretty comfortable overall. widespread 50s. let's take a look now. good morning to you. up north, down south, east and west. nice, nice morning out there. we've had of courseual high cloud in place, it has kept the sunshine at bay in some circumstances but overall looks like a blend of sun and clouds for today. a general increase of clouds likely on the back end of the day. we start to talk about a rain chance. very, very light and slight. 20 or 30 % at best. nothing to get too excited about. an indirect result of the close proximity of this latest front. you can see gobs of rain from dallas, forth, all the way out
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and for us being south of the system, pretty good. overall, we'll keep things pretty dry. here's the increase in clouds i'm talking about. another big batch getting ready to cross over the big bend area. our forecast for the next seven reflecting again an approach of another very strong system. i'm talking about the storms and the rest of the detailed forecast with you in about ten minutes. sky fox over that crash we have on i-4 westbound out on volusia county. this is just past dirkson. you can see it's finally starting to clear. we have two left-hand lanes there reopen and all the eastbound lanes are also reopened. we have a right lane` blocked there so we do have significant backin that area. here's a map of exactly just what that backup looks like past the accident, almost at the 472. if you do want to avoid this, you can get off there on the 472, take that to the 1792 and then go on your way that way. there's a lot of traffic on the
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give yourself extra time if you're traveling through there, as well. take a look at a new crash at hampen parkway villas. don't look to be too significant, but be aware if you're going through there, as well. i-4 westbound looking nice. lake mary to colonial only take you 14 minutes. i-4 eastbound from the attractions to downtown will take you 17 minutes and on the 408 westbound, 417 to downtown will take you 16 minutes. right now, that's it for your live drive traffic. one person is dead after a hit and run crash. >> troopers have just made an arrest in this case and fox 35's andrea jackson is joining us live on the scene with the latest on that. >> good morning. the crash happened here at the intersection of americana boulevard and obt around 317 this morning. all lanes have been reopened and traffic is moving but this crash involved four cars, one driver
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intersection, causing one of those drivers to be killed in that crash. one driver who caused the crash doorgd took off on americana boulevard and they were able to find him down the road. he was just arrested and we just talked about his charges. >> right now, troopers have just arrested the hit and run driver at ormc. he's on his way to jail, being charged with dui manslaughter, leaving the scene of a crash, vehicular homicide. we now know this guy has never had a driver's license, from guatemala. been in florida for seven years. should never have been behind the wheel and did admitted to leaving the scene of a crash. >> the driver that was killed here early this morning, they have yet to release his identity until they notify next of kin. >> also developing right now, two people are found dead inside of a home and this morning, the
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figure out what happened. >> it's happening on 7 indian street just south of the causeway. here's video from the scene where a crime scene investigators have been out all morning. they're still collecting evidence. deputies say two people were found dead inside the home last night. no other details have been released. we do have a crew on the way and they'll have a live report coming up in the next half hour or so. also, deny hamlin and his team are celebrating his big, big win and talking exclusively with us this ny hamlin and his team are celebrating his big, big win and talking exclusively with us this morning. >> the number one car won by ten seconds. it was the closest finish of the race in the history of the race. >> hamlin by an inch. >> i have it as hamlin.
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even the first ten were all saying it was motion in limine seconds. hamlin managed to pass. it was so close. hamlin said he didn't even know that he won at first. it was his@ first daytona 500 victory. he's attempted it ten times before and now he has the trophy. and this morning, hamlin is enjoying a daytona 500 tradition. it's called the championship's breakfast and we show up every single year. >> microphone in hand, yes, we do. david martin is the lucky one who gets to talk to the champ today. i love this story. i'm curious to see what he has to say about his mom pulling out this note he wrote in the second grade, saying one day he wants to win the daytona 500. >> and we asked him about that. you'll hear that in the 9:00 hour. but man, what a race that was. the lepth of this pencil was the
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and i had a congraduateletory tweet ready for -- we all screamed at the end. i deleted that tweet. >> what was the first thing you did last night when the track cleared out? >> kind of round up all the friends and family, we went and dinner and then we had a few cocktails after. that was about it. >> take us back to that final ten seconds, a historic finish that had the whole country going, whaaa, what was going through your head? >> that was the thing that was most unique. i didn't have time to think about what it would mean to me.
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unless you're leading with ten laps to go and you're out front and you lead the whole way, but we only led for like the last 100 feet or so. so didn't have time to think about it and it definitely took a while to sink in for sure and it probably still hasn't. really, when i walk in the front door here and i see my car sitting up here, it's still kind of surreal, everything that happened. >> and every year, i come out of this interviews going, how come they're not more jazzed? i would be screaming at the top of my lungs. >> his first question, well, it's early. they had a late night, i'm sure. >> and he did have some cocktails, i will tell you that. >> he ask have been having lots
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>> so you mentioned that letter he wrote back in the second grade. unbelievable the foresight and wisdom of this kid. we'll talk about that in the 9:00 hour so don't miss that. still ahead, some of the wiggest stars in the world sit down with our own film critic. >> he's a lucky man, put when he starts asking the questions, they turn the tables on him. check it out. >> margo and i both play more journalists and actually which is why -- we're going to interview you. >> film critic kevin carthy is
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heart-shaped happiness too sweet not to share. america runs on dunkin'. . the moon was full last night and the stars are out in orlando. >> but they always are. >> film creditics from around the world in town to check out a brand new disney flick that my kid are excited about. >> good morning. thank for coming in. >> i'm roan away by your studios, the tweeting area. i'm geeking out beyond belief to be here. this is amaze something to you're amazing. we're really happy to have you in this morning. you have the best job out there.
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world, watch movies, and get a paycheck. >> that's right. since i was about eight years out, i knew i somehow wanted to be involved in movies. i've seen deadpool four times. so i was out here for zootopia, the new disney field. yesterday, i was doing interviews. this movie comes out on march 4th and i'll have my interview with them available on my twitter page. but before the break happened, they showed an interview i did with tina fey and margo robe. you know her from wolf wall. when i walked in the room, they played two journalists in the film. they decided to flip the script on me, and i had absolutely no idea this was going to happen. i started to geek out a little bit. check it out. this is what happened. >> we play in this movie, margo
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and actually which is why we're going to interview you. >> oh, why so kevin mccarthy, you're from washington, d.c. you proposed to your fiance last halloween in disney land; is that correct?? >> this is kind of freaking me out. this is fantastic. >> what part of the park were you in? >> nightmare before you christmas, where you meet jack and fally. basically, they came out. she had no idea. and i walked over and got down on one knee. >> we heard that you dry 93rd tears when a movie is very moving to you. >> the last time i cried 93rd tears, deadpool. but before that, suicide train.
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air shooting on film with actual 35 millimeter celluloid, geeking me. >> epic 93rd two. it was awesome. >> your dog's name is oscar, after the academy awards? >> where are you guys getting this information? >> we don't know. >> we're making it up and it's so weird that it's right. >> i'll show it to you. the best teeth of all time. >> oh, wow. >> is your dog's name # oscar white, oscar dog. >> that's ilharris. >> my dog's named after the academy awards. my fiance met in a movie theater. we're both movie critics. >> and to me, she knew, and apparently what i found out later on, they had got information from our local air reps in washington, d.c. they had like the pace. it was amazing. >> was it creeping you out? >> yeah, i kept the flash cards.
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and the movie i was talking about called suicide squad opening in august. it's a big action movie with will smith. it looks insanely awesome. >> and you proposed to your girlfriend here, right? >> disney world. i did five movie lines. it was a wonderful orlando and florida have a very special place for me. and my fiance's mother lives down here a couple months out of the year. >> well tell her hello. >> hi, mom. i love you. i love all of you guys. >> we want to follow you now so tell us again. what is your twitter harm. >> @ kevin mccarthy tv and my facebook page is kevin mccarthy fox. >> 8:17 is now the time. let's send things over to the also awesome jayme king. thank you very much. check's in the mail. thank you for the epic comment
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i appreciate that. >> i did you complete me. i did do that. >> good morning to you and off to the races. we are here on this monday morning. we've got your numbers now for you. 50s and low end 60s now starting to pepper on in. overall, nothing right now that says, hey, today's going to be abawful day. it actually turns out quite nice. the general theme of increasing clouds and isolated rain chances and as we go deeper into the day, especially south of orlando, we start to see the chances perking up a little bit. nice wave of clouds now slides in. so those clouds will be in and out throughout much of the day today. looks bike by tonight, they'll thicken, lower some and harvest much higher rain chance for our tuesday and certainly as we get towards wednesday into the mid week peek as we see front number one here. number two, you can't see us all the way back here, but that thing comes our way. looks like this front to the nrth will begin to fizzle out,
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if it dropped any farther to the south h obviously a much hire, more robust rain chance to contend with. not today. it will be a warm day with isolated shower activity, 3:00, around 79. let me get out of the way. let's take a look. cape canaveral is up, 59 degrees, light winds from the northwest at around two miles per hour. live look here at our latest, visit orlando tower cam in orlando, looking at an i drive. you see the orlando i and all the hotels and molts if you're visiting our fine community from else where, across the nation, maybe internationally. if you're visiting from a different country, welcome to our fine area. it doesn't last all that long. after about wednesday, we see the next system that's slowly jelling together, begin to work on down south and then it makes a solid run toward the area. and i've been tracking it since its inception over the gulf of alaska.
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system and with all there energy, all that juice loading up, that drops that low into texas and brings the cold front in across the front a classic setup to bring a line of organized convection or storm activity. and within that, we may find a few pockets of fairly aggressive storms enough to call it strong to even as severe in nature. that's one thing i have my eyes on. back behind that, we scour out the clouds and bring in a fantastic two thumbs up as we get into the back of the weekend into next weekend. your forecast for today, looking good. around 80, if you like it warm, you've come to the right place. keep the here. again, for tonight, 50s and 60s, increasing clouds. and a rain chance around 30 %. brief, passing showers. not very meaningtime. the rainfall by mid week from wednesday will be meaningful, watching that for a severe component. we don't want to let our clarets down and now's a great time to download the app. same stuff we used in the
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of approaching storms. highs in the 80s and back to the 60s too long. lows dropping down to the 40s on the back end of the work week. sky fox still over i-4 this morning, westbound near dirks and we had that earlier crash. all lanes have been reopened, but significant delays. a lot of backup, going all the way until 472 exit. i would say i really don't even know what to tell you. 1792 is backed up, as well. that is your alternate route. truthfully, either way you go, it's going to be a mez. give yourself extra time this morning if you need to travel through that area. take a look now, on the, this is in osceola. this is a pretty new crash. definitely be wear of that if you are in this area. and we have yet another crash. this one here on the 192 at orange lake boulevard. no word of a road block, but still seeing little delays.
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everything looking okay. >> i-4 westbound looks really good except for that pocket in volusia. i-4 westbound. take you about 14 minutes from attractions to downtown, take you about 17 minutes. and the 408, looking good, pretty much up to speed, as well. regular gas is $1.57 at the speedway on 1792 and north griffin drive in casselberry and always check out gas saving tim's on our website. go to fox 35 and click on traffic. a y elp employee out of a job this morning after writing a note about her bah boss. >> the 25 -year-old complaining about how little she was getting paid. now this has started a debate over fair wages for millennials. we'll take a look at that.
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. welcome back. 8:25. on the business watch, some of the victims of the san bernadino terror attack plan to file a motion. >> they want the company to unlock the iphone of a shooter. >> the victims plan to file an
8:26 am
happal is standing its ground. the company says that creating a back door into faruq's iphone would endanger millions of customers around the world. >> also, an employee at yelp says she got fired after complaining about her pay, but she complained online. 25 -year-old jane wrote an open letter on men and she says she makes about $730 biweekly at yelp. jane says that's barely nov cover rent, food and transportation. well, her situation is sparked a debate over whether this is a fair wage issue or just an entitled millennial. bottom line, is, they fired her and said you should not have posted that online. >> the city council is considering a 25 year plan and that envisions over 150 acres of commercial, office and housing space. the complex is envisioned at the corper of u.s. 1792 and at
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coming up next, donald trump left in the dark. >> they were probably sent here so we would put them in our jails, because to put them in our jails, they didn't pay our electric bill. >> how trump handled that si the new caramel macchiato from dunkin' donuts. let hand-crafted layers of espresso, milk, and a caramel-flavored swirl uplift your mood. indulge in a hot or iced macchiato today.
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oh-oh, oh-oh oh-oh, oh-oh, oh-oh-oh-ooh, oh hearts are made for sharing. spread some sweetness with dunkin' donuts' cookie dough and brownie batter donuts. heart-shaped happiness too sweet not to share. america runs on dunkin'. . and we're back. it is now 8:30 on the nose on this monday morning. so glad you're with us. what a great weekend we had. a lot of sunburns, probably waking up. did you get any sun? >> i didn't. when we got out there, it was chilly so i was completely covered up. yeah, no burps for me.
8:31 am
entirely this morning because i got a little sunburn. guy problems, you know. things we deal with. i noticed around the jaw line, john. >> yeah, is that what it was? i'll be peeling by thursday so then it'll look really weird. hourly forecast for today, general theme of increasing clouds and only very isolated, little possibilities, little nuggets of shower activity later today. no big deal. not very meaningful. fighting temperatures through the 50s, low grade 60s. that would be leesburg, tampa, and melbourne now. the clouds increasing, our big bend region of our fine state, mostly cloudy skies. we'll have our moments as the cloud matches the peninsula. otherwise, nice and quiet. a pretty warm day. tomorrow and wednesday for now. rainy weather, stormy weather, severe weather, we'll break down the details in a notion of that in about 10 or 12 more minutes. hi, everybody. happy monday.
8:32 am
iphone which for the most part has looked really, really nice this morning. i want to bring you back out to iphone in volusia in dirksuch. we had an earlier crash. now we're going to talk about this accident here on aloma and orange avenue. there's no partial blockage, but we are seeing significant delays there in either direction. definitely just be aware of that if you're traveling through that area this morning. taking a like now going back through iphone. we're still seeing significant delays, both eastbound and westbound. these delays back up all the way to the 472 so if you do need to use this road this morning, definitely give yourself extra time because there were a lot of delays on the 1792 which is your alternate. taking a look at drive times right now. everything looking really good on iphone westbound from lake mary to colonial. it's only going to take you 14 minutes. iphone eastbound isn't that new. the attractions to downtown take you 17 minutes and on the 408 westbound, 417 to downtown, take you about dpraen minutes right
8:33 am
that's it for your live drive traffic. back to you. breaking news in orange county. troopers say a man arrested in a deadly hit and run overnight was drunk and did not have a driver's license. >> faublgs 35's andrea jackson is joining us live on the scene. she has the latest on this. good morning, andrea. >> also plays true at the intersection behind me. the crash happened about 3:17 this morning. that's when troopers got the call about one driver slamming into three cars, stopped at this intersection. that driver took off down americana boulevard. they were able to catch up with him a little later. they took him to the hospital. one driver he smashed into died at the scene. in speaking with the fhp, they've now charged that driver responsible for this deadly hit and run. take a listen. >> right now, troopers have just arrested the hit and run driver at ormc. he's on his way to jail, being charge charged with dui
8:34 am
of a crash. vehicular homicide. we now know that this guy has never had a driver's license. he's from guatemala, been here for seven years. should have never been behind the wheel and did admit to leaving the scene of the crash. >> the driver who was killed here at this intersection earlier this morning, they're still waiting to release his identity before they contact next of kin. we're live in orange county, fox 35 news. >> andrea, thank you. orlando police have identified the suspect in an armed robbery. we're inside of a taxi cab. that story kicks off our morning rush. police are looking for thriven-year-old divine lovet. last monday, lovet pulled a gun out on a cab driver in orlando. took the drivers wallet and cell phone before getting out of the cab and running off. lovet could be a male dressed as a female. anyone with information is asked to call police. an orange county man accused of shooting four people during a
8:35 am
expected to be in court today. on saturday, orlando police say rory stevens busted into a food store, demanded money and opened fire. four people were hit. one of them is still in critical condition right now. police arrived and a k-9 helped to track down steven. volusia county investigators trying to figure out what sparked this big house fire. it happened in de land, just before noon yesterday. right along mercer furtry road near state road 15. crews say the two people inside thankfully were able to get out without getting hurt. the house is a total loss as you can see, and thankfully, no other homes were impacted by that fire. >> you decide 2016. the presidential candidates move onto their next big contest. republicans vote in nevada tomorrow. >> we cannot lose this election. >> we're going to win, win, win. >> if y'all agree with me that it's now or never, then i ask every one of you to join me.
8:36 am
polls on saturday in skshg. >> the wind is at our back. we have the momentum. >> the fight goes on. the future that we want is within our gras. >> yeah, a lot of interesting twists and turns on the campaign trail from the weekend. i'm here with frank torres, always good to see you. >> appreciate you being here? we now know jeb bush is out. it just shows money's not buying this race this time. where does the support for jeb bush go? is this marco's? >> yeah, i think it's marco's. candidates left, the establishment choice is marco rubio. his values align with jeb. very important political figures in an important state. you see a lot of jeb 's support really start to head over to marco. ted could see a little bit. >> i want to talk to you about marco rubio.
8:37 am
showed a little humor on the campaign trail yesterday. take a listen to this. >> don't say polo. don't say polo. i be you want to say polo. i hate that game. in fact, when i'm president, it will be a federal crime punishable by five years for playing marco polo. >> that was a fun moment on the campaign trail, but i think underestimate what a moment like that can do because people who casually watch this stuff can say, hey, that guy's fun. he can relate to me. >> you gotta have those moments, those times with the voters that are personal, breaks past that political jargon we're hearing in and out. so i think moments like those and how you handle them are
8:38 am
likability factor which sometimes comes down to deciding who those people will vote for. >> lights went out in georgia. here's what happened on his trail. >> they were probably sent here so that we'd put them in our jails because to put them in our jails -- they didn't pay our electric bill. oh, i like that. much better. >> a lot of political presses staying with his showing over the last couple weeks. probably what's going to happen later on this week, he's a shoo in. it's early. we haven't even gotten to florida yet. are they jumping the gun on that or is it just momentum? >> i think they might be jumping the gun a little bit. there are still a lot of party leaders that don't want donald trump to be the nominee. you're going to see that resistance grow. they're getting behind either
8:39 am
and the dislike for donald trump among republicans is something i've never seen before. and overseeing is correctly incredible. >> well, former congressman keller was on the couch later this morning. he said donald trump still only won with 35 % of the vote. so you've got 65 % of people out there who may not get behind him. so as more people drop out, the others start picking up more numbers. >> it does. and watching jeb drop out and over the coming days, kasich and ben carson should drop out. you're going to see even more a large chunk of the vote head towards one of those three comms, cabinets. and i think if anybody will inherit votes, donald trump will inherit ben carson's votes. so it's going to be interesting to see where the support goes. >> hillary clinton won over the weekend. she has more delegates than bernie sanders. she seems to be going with the momentum. >> for something i was reading the this morning, some people
8:40 am
how do you go 1 -week winning and the next, he's done? >> i think they're countering him out too soon. if you add up the two totals that hillary wo nevada and iowa, it doesn't come near the margin of victory for one of bernie's victories. and the national polling, bernie keeps closing the dpap. i believe some polls have them within 15 points. hillary still has a lot of work to do if she wants to push out bernie. >> she'll do well in south carolina. and we'll see where it goes from there. always good to see you, man. coming up, feeling generous, why taylor swift is giving another pop star a quarter million dollars. also, on this day in history, february 22nd, maybe 80 the u.s. hockey team beat the soviets in the 13 winter olympics in lake placid new york. the storm was later turned into the movie miracle in 2004. who played the head coach for
8:41 am
8:42 am
8:43 am
8:44 am
kurt russell, burt . it was on this day in history, february 22nd, 1980, the u.s. hockey team beat the soviets in the u.s. olympics. the story was later turned into a movie, miracle. who played the head coach for the u.s. team in this movie? do you think it was kurt russell, burt reynolds, or kevin cosner? who do you think played the head hockey coach? who do you picture as a hockey coach? when you look at those three guys, which one of them do you think fits that part? david martin is joining us live this morning from daytona
8:45 am
>> it's a great question. i don't know the answer, but i'm going with kurt russell. >> okay. >> i think that's a good answer. what do you think, luann? >> we should have had our movie affixpert. >> of course, he would have been a ringer. he would know the answer. >> that's not fair. i have no clue. but i'm gonna go with burt reynolds. >> okay. >> you think it's the stash. the mustache man. what do you think, jayme and gina? >> not burt reynolds. we're gonna go with kurt russell. >> yeah, that sounds good. did anybody see this movie? >> so you know the answer. >> i'm not sure. >> well, kevin cosner's busy doing water world. kurt russell was playing on the frozen pond.
8:46 am
the answer is. >> i love incanadian accent. i didn't tell a little much, though, isn't it? >> am i the only one that's seen this? you talk about a tear jerker. >> i didn't tell good. it was a great moment in our country's history. kurt russell's the man. thank you. thank you very much. jayme king. >> all right, guys. good morning. let's take a look at what's going on. the accuweather forecast update. high clouds moving through the flow. that's about it for right now. certainly no rain tied to the clouds just yet. the chance will materialize at some point as we go deeper into the day part today and certainly by this evening, i'm looking for showers. the coverage is not going to be all that great. i think the vast bulk of us, the majority of our population probably won't see rain drops until we get into your tuesday
8:47 am
looks like strength and squaw line, long and pronounced, very organized area of showers and storms will rake the entire state of florida. probably safe to just use rain during that time. right now, temperatures have been good. 50s, low grade 60s. nothing to get too crazy about, increasing clouds, isolated rain risk, very late. how late is late? >> again, i can after 5:00, the clouds begin to lower some and because of the southerly air flow over the southern tip of the state, that should help to draw in more moisture, thus a better rain chance. something for mother nature to capitalize on. moisture wise in that conversion over to clouds and rain potential. a few showers mild tonight. 60s all the way through 5:00 a.m. to 8 tomorrow morning. not bad. as we take a look, the satellite, the latest scan shows what we've got and don't have. you can see it clouds thin some and increase a little more with more aerial coverage as you get to the southern tip of the state. again, this line of weather developing to our north now.
8:48 am
stationary front, hence the name doesn't move a whole lot. just kind of camped out and as we go through, i'll turn it and give you a little different perspective. you can see the tectureized, elevated nature to some of the rainfall now skive lingering to the north of this boundary. bottom line, rougher stuff remains to the north. south of that point, a few little showers, popcorn cells firing at this time. not a tremendous deal. again, the rain today is actually indirectly tied to the front as we see that southerly wind induced by the approach of that system and the increase in moisture and the slim shower odds because of that. i want to talk season surf with you. seas today, not bad for a run offshore. primarily in long period oceans, spreads spread out at a 12 second interval. that happens, you know the surf is cook today. love it, love my job, love bringing you the weather. and boy, i love the surf. and look at this, two distinct swell sources to deal with all
8:49 am
moderate east, northeast ground shift and down to the south, on the underbelly a higher pressure. if you want to do boating, again, longer period seas make it a little more tolerable as you're heading offshore. early high tide like now and a low tide after about lunchtime. 241 at pawn. another high there and the 7:32 high tide in coastal brevard county for cape canaveral. taking a look at the next seven. here we go. another surge of moisture, more rain chance by wednesday. 50, 60, 70 % type coverage. could be a little storm a. keep it here and we'll keep you up to date. that's your forecast. got a little housekeeping and it's your weather baby. amelia, you are cute as pie. mom and dad, amy gave her official stamp of approval, mom of three. she knows what's up. i'm a dad of two. here we go. again, visit our website for more fox 35 for more
8:50 am
>> hi, there. happy monday, everybody. i have a new crash i want to tell you about. definitely been a busy day on the roads. this is at pavan hills and silver star road. we have one lane blocked on pine hills. we're seeing delays, but nothing too significant. be aware if you're traveling through there this morning. i-4 and volusia, right near dirkson here. we had an earlier crash there, but we're still seeing significant delays in that area. here's the map. stretched out just a bit for you. you can see those delays go all the way back to the 472 and the 1792 is also very, very backed up. that would be your alternate so if you do have to travel through this area, i would suggest giving yourself area through this time. drive times, i-4 westbound, about 14 minutes this morning. i-4 eastbound from those attractions, about 20 minutes and the 408 westbound, pretty good. pretty much up to speed. that's it for your traffic. back to you. time to check out what's hot
8:51 am
>> and for now, jenny, our good friend with resume bu100.3 joining us with the scoop this morning. >> happy monday. >> okay. >> so this first story is one that we've been hearing about for a while. what has keg been going through with her record label and now big time artists are giving her money to help her out? >> yes, it's kind of a bitter sweet story because of the whole situation. well, after the judge said you have to continue with the contract with dr. luke and sony, you know, she's in a very big hole when it comes to her finances and some artists like lady gaga, laura, and even taylor swift made a donation of $250,000 for her financial needs and i like it. i like to fact that they're supporting each other this way. >> yeah, it's nice to see that
8:52 am
>> next up here, a lot of people laughing. >> and some people. >> go ahead. >> a lot of people are using the #, free kegga just in support, as well, for her situation. >> next up, a lot of people laughing at mtv over in the uk. they claim kim kardashian invented corn rows, only they have a different name for it. so what the heck is this? >> so they're known for the boxer braids. you know those braids that kind of the boxers do all the time when they have long hair. well, all the artists have done it, at least a lot of the female artists have done it, like katy perry among others. of course, kim kardashian does it and all of a sup, she created the whole stylism that's what mtv uk is saying so a lot of people are making fun of that. so i'm watching it and i'm like, they've all done it the same day.
8:53 am
they're like she invented it and they're calling -- i don't know what you want to call it, but it's all the same. nothing new. nothing new. >> it's not a kardashian thing. >> i was going to braid my hairgist like it. >> if i put my hair into braids like that, i end up with a headache. >> really? that happens to me if i put it in a ponytail, but i learned how to french braid my hair in high school so i was not paying attention because i was doing my hair so i can do it for you. >> can you stop by the station today? >> actually, i'll be that way today. >> there you go. it's a date. >> thanks, jenny.
8:54 am
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. four people are in jail because they started a real live food fight. >> daechts say it all began with an argument over garlic knots. this happened on friday at palm coast pizza. deputies say 25 -year-old jessica became upset because she didn't want cheese on her garlic knots, but they had cheese on them anyway. canty then argued with the staff. they tried to return her money, but she said she didn't like the way the staff put the money on the counter. that's when deputies say things really got out of hand. >> she threw a tip jar at one of the employees and her three friends that were with her, really in a mob men talent, pushed and shoved all the electronic equipment. >> the four suspects went into the kitchen and started throwing food around. all four were arrested nearby. they were charged with burglary and criminal mischief. we know a lot more coming up at 9:00. parents, is your child creative? do they love to write?
8:58 am
12 -year-old author and her mom about how to get your child started in a writing career. >> and who says eating healthy has to be bland? we have a chef here with foods you're going to love that are
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